Landowner Assistance for Wildlife Habitat Improvement

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Missed you my man and ya know...a lot of what you just said has merit and
truth.  But to highlight the consultant as the "savior" of forestry is a bit

Susan hit the nail on the head when she mentioned the federal connection. When
the state gets involved with the feds they basically hire out their "souls" as
well.  The DC USFS gets much, the regional s&pf gets a bit, the NRCS gets a
little, the State gets some....and finally some work is done.  Much spending
results with little accomplishment dollar resulting.

If the private sector (consultants included) were given the money directly from
the US Treasury with some supervision.....could this be better?  I think maybe
so.  Should the federal govt be in the forestry seed money business?  Again,
due to the fragile nature of the US forest I think so...

Welcome back in your usual full fury...

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