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 Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> writes:

>>>>Steve, ya gotta check out a Yankee consultant's web page- Bill Hohmann's
at He's prepared some rather awesome spreadsheets
that you can download from his web site that might do what you're looking for.

Regarding forestry software, I spent many dark frigid New England
winters writing the world's most awesome software in the "C" language
on my ancient Atari ST computer. I wrote 3 programs-
1. timber tally
2.statistical analysis for a cruise
3. acreage calculations for any scale

Now that I just installed a new 6.4 gig hard drive and now that I
finally purchased some PC programming tools (MS Visual C++) I intend to
recompile that software. When I have it ready I'll upload it to my web



I am gonna put this post on my BB.  Let me know if this is not appropriate.  If
you have a downloadable cruise and tally package I want to put it on my web
site as well ( I need to know if it is for share or free).  Let me know when
and if it happens. I am gonna follow up on the Hohmann site.

Thanks for your help here.  Got a group of teenagers who will help me inventory
my property in return for a chance to fish and camp on my property.  Ain't I a

Steve Nix

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