What are the faster growing soft woods tree ?

dianaros dianaros at ican.net
Mon Mar 2 10:07:52 EST 1998

My Red Pine plantation is a protected area, but that didn't stop the power
utility from telling me I had to 
remove 2 lines of trees adjacent to my line.  A few years later line crews
asked if they could remove additional tress that were encroaching on the
rural distribution line next to my property.  

I have seen fires started by tree/power line contact so I agreed to the
removals. The timber was used to build a couple of pole barns.


Larry Caldwell <larryc at teleport.com> wrote in article
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> In article <01bd423d$3a26c6e0$da96bfcc at kburns.istar.ca>,
> "kburns" <kburns at istar.ca> wrote:
> > .  A cottonwood took out my 
> electrical service just last month.  Neither I nor the power company can
> clear them back to protect the lines because they are growing in a
> protected riparian zone.
> -- Larry

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