Hurw . . . land owner ignorance.

JimiFromMI jimifrommi at
Mon Mar 2 13:49:02 EST 1998

Thank goodness for land owner ignorance.

Because of it, the rest of us can benefit more (in the long term) from sound
timber management.  Perhaps this is why it will out-perform other investments.

The risks ARE great and "environmental" activists could be scaring landowners
from developing too fine of a forest for fear of the gubmint taking it for
another national park.  Also, even though tax incentives are great for
landowners managing stands of timber, how long will that last?  Eventually the
appraisers will come in an put the heat on for more housing development.  In
the crowded New England states, properties can be re-zoned with a single stroke
of the pen.

The risks of policy makers and the sort, probably weigh heavier on my mind than
that of the coming ice age, el nino, tornados, fires, etc.  No wonder not many
can feel comfortable for long term management of small properties.


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