licensed foresters and managment plans

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Mar 2 17:43:12 EST 1998

Just to clarify a point made in another message.

I said that licensed foresters should be required to prepare cutting
plans and managment plans.

Regarding cutting plans. The state of Mass. has several forestry laws
regarding timber harvesting. Prior to starting a job, a cutting plan
currently MUST be prepared. Most harvesting is still done without an
independant forester preparing the cutting plans.

Many plans are done by loggers- scribbled in pencil, maps illegible,
with no comprehension of what the forestry laws are. The state DEM
passes these most of the time without any quibble; because there is
nothing on the books that says the cutting plan should be prepared by a
professional forster.

So, then the service foresters- getting a substantial middle class
income- spend a great deal of time making sure these harvests are
carried out without any environmental damage. Even if there results no
fire hazard, no tops droped in water bodies, no tops droped over
boundaries, no timber stolen form neighors, there CERTAINLY results in
BAD silviculture because loggers DON'T understand silviculture. The net
result is bad silviculture and the expense of the state service forester
overseeing mediocre forestry.

If a licensed forester were required to prepare the plan and oversee the
job, then there should be no further need for the service forester to
review the project. Of course the licensed forester may not do a good
job; but if he/she screws up- his license could be revoked. Net results,
better forestry and less cost to the taxpayer. Who's overseeing the
service forester?

Regarding mangement plans. Here, I'm refering to plans needed so a
landowner can get the 95% real estate tax break under the Chapter 61
Forest Tax Law program for being a tree farmer. One would think in an
intelligent world, that if a landowner is going to get a 95% tax break
to practice forestry he ought to retain a professional licensed
forester. BUT THIS IS MASSACHUSETTS; a kind of Mafia protection racket.
Landowners are still allowed to prepare their own plans; a technical
impossibility. One extremely wealth landowner with several thousand
acres prepared his own forestry plans. He didn't have a clue. The state
service forester almost had to guide him through the entire process;
costing the taxpayers money in the process. This is BRAINDEAD. No
landowner understands technical forestry unless they are a forester.
They don't understand "basal area", "forest types", "sustained yield",
"economic forestry", "harvesting schedules".

When I complained about this, I was told that there was nothing in the
laws saying a forester was required. Duh.......

But I read the law and the "rules and regs." and indeed a forester is
required. So then they told me that there is no definition in state law
on what a forester is. I said, look it up in the dictionary, and my
dictionary described a forester as someone with professional education
and training. Duh.......

Then I wrote a dissertation based on the laws, the Rules and Regs and
the dictionary, and some common sense and sent it to the DEM and several
politicians. No response from anyone. Duh....

So now we have a forester license law. Does it say that only a licensed
forester can prepare cutting plans and forestry tax law plans. Of course
not, THIS IS MASSACHUSETTS, a Mafia protection racket. Duh.....

It's incomprehensible to me how a state with more colleges per capita
than any place on the planet, with some of the most advanced medical
facilities, some of the most advanced high technology companies, can
have the most primitive state government that utterly refuses to listen
to common sense.

And NEVER in over 20 years of bitching to the DEM and the politicians
has ANYONE EVER told me that what I was saying was not true.

As one friend said to me, "They can't affirm or deny what you say. If
they affirm it, that will be admitting that their careers have been a
fraud- and if they deny what you say they'll have to prove it and they

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