Landowner Assistance for Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Mon Mar 2 17:09:47 EST 1998

Hoo boy! Joe shows up and the list goes bananas. Just to stoke a little bit, in
the last SAF news, I received a notice that a move is underway in Washington
state to license consulting foresters. 

 I approve of truth in advertising and accountability and education as much as
the next guy but I'm not sure that this is really needed. Will approval by a
state board mean we do better forestry? Or does it condone the mediocre, since
there's so darn much of it? Opinions are welcome, especially those from places
where forester licensing is new.

I've lived in two other states where licensing and/or certification was
mandatory (WI & CA) and frankly I havent noticed any great difference in what
happens in the field. 

Being a base and suspicious sort I've thought the move was a way to squeeze out
the competition by forming an exclusive club. Since most CFs I know are industry
outcasts (rememember the downsizing years?) they seem to be the likely target.
Specifically excluded from licensing are the industrial, state and extension

Joe, I seem to remember a rant from you on this topic. And Jimi, good idea! I'd
be happy to devote forty hours a year to freebie forestry. Those are the people
who call you back for a paying job!

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> JimiFromMI wrote:
> > Sometimes you scare me.  With such realistic views of our inept government, you
> > should realize why landowners shudder at your suggestion that by law we must
> > have  a licensed forester approve of management of our own property.  This is
> > insane! 


> > Perhaps by LAW, private foresters should be FORCED to provide unlimited free
> > education and consulting to private property owners.  This would definitely
> > improve timber management on private lands.
> >
> > There, how do you like it?!!!!!!
> You as a taxpayer are already paying for all those gubmint foresters and
> I can see they haven't taught you much.
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