Landowner Assistance for Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Mar 2 15:24:13 EST 1998

JimiFromMI wrote:

> Sometimes you scare me.  With such realistic views of our inept government, you
> should realize why landowners shudder at your suggestion that by law we must
> have  a licensed forester approve of management of our own property.  This is
> insane!  Freedom must be upheld.  If some want to manage their lands for the
> encouragement of disesed trees or cement for that matter, let them.

OK, we'll make an exception for idiots that don't want to have a
licensed forester- sure go ahead, hire a local logger to manage your
timber sale or do it yourself. I'm sure you know all about silviculture
and forest engineering.

> The only solution is education!  The more land owners you can convince that
> would benefit from your services, the more private lands that will be "better"
> managed.  This newsgroup is helping, but comments like yours above that
> encourage gastapo-like management of our lands against our will only serve to
> alienate.

Sure, this is why the taxpayers spend a fortune paying for extension
foresters and county and state foresters.... but... ah forget it. <G>

> Perhaps by LAW, private foresters should be FORCED to provide unlimited free
> education and consulting to private property owners.  This would definitely
> improve timber management on private lands.
> There, how do you like it?!!!!!!

You as a taxpayer are already paying for all those gubmint foresters and
I can see they haven't taught you much.

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