telephone poles

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Mon Mar 2 19:54:10 EST 1998

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Ron Wenrich <woodtick at> wrote:

> The leading species in the East and Midwest is southern yellow pine.  Red
> pine is also being used, as plantations are coming to size.  Doug fir is
> used for larger poles (up to 70').  All poles are stamped with the species
> on the side.  SYP stands for southern yellow pine.

Good article, Ron.  The only thing I would add is that pole specs are
very tight.  Not many trees will make it.  There are limits on the number
and type of knots, the percentage of sap wood, and the lenth and taper of 
the log.  Manufacturing pole logs is tough, but if you can do it you get
a premium price for your timber.

-- Larry

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