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Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Mar 2 22:16:08 EST 1998

Jostnix wrote:
> Joe, Joe, Joe:
> You are hitting me hard big guy.  Lets count the ten strikes against me...
> 1.)  I am a state employed forester.
> 2.)  I am on the oral panel for registration of Alabama foresters.
> 3.)  I am a member of the Society of American Foresters.
> 4.)  I am am not a consulting forester (just a former one).
> 5.)  I haven't quite finished "Walden".
> 6.)  I am against laws that mandate the use of "licensed" foresters.
> 7.)  I insanely "think" I am a leader in forestry on the Internet.
> 8.)  I need other sources for forestry info besides "my own".
> 9.)  I don't believe most state forestry agencies are corrupt.
> 10.)  I enjoy a good Arturo Fuente twice a week (smoke scares bears).
> Sorry uncle Don.  I get real nervous on the bear stand and had to rattle my can
> again.  I'll do better next time I promise!  Please forgive me and please take
> me bear hunting again...
Go forth and sin no more, my nephew.  I fit most of the above, with
inseam work, to tight, except #10 and half of #9, corrupt is too
strong,  inept is better.  Oh and I traded SAF for ACF, thats also part
of the reversal on #1.  Been there done that, don't know Joes state
agency except from him, but a lot of it sounds familiar.

And I wont bore you with my own.  I think perhaps we need a little
sensitivity training in the group, I'll go first.  Joe is talking about
Massachuesetts, not Alabama, if you scream, he may be to close to home. 
Lighten up guys, Joe, not all states the same, just some/most.
Don Staples
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