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> Perhaps the problem lies in the "foresry profession" calling itself a
> profession. If a line of work is a profession, the implication is that
> it is a VERY skilled line of work, not something that someone learns by
> reading some magazine, or "just doing on my own".
> Since landowners by and large don't behave as if they consider foresters
> professionals, and since SOME state agencies don't treat foresters as
> professionals, and since industrial foresters are obviously working for
> the interest of their bosses; maybe we should just give up calling
> forestry a profession- it doesn't meet the requirements.

I hired a couple of foresters to consult on a recent timber sale.  By all
means the two men who assisted me (Dan Houston and James McClenehen of
Sylvancare) were professionals.  They were knowledgable and very helpful.
They marked the timber, estimated it's volume and value, and provided me with
a list of mailing labels for soliciting bids.  They also provided a sample
contract.  They were willing to answer all of my sophomoric questions, most of
which amounted to "What kind of tree is that?", "Is that tree diseased?", and
"Should I sell that tree?"   They were willing to educate me on best
management practices and also answer some questions regarding future
management of the site and another site.

Even though I was selling the timber on a very small tract (5 acres) and
paying them a very small amount ($250) they treated me in the most respectful
and professional manner I have ever encountered.  They were certainly much
more knowledgable and helpful than most real estate agents.  I ended up
getting $18,100 for the timber.  Paying a $250 consulting fee on a deal that
gets $18 grand is a bargain.  Frankly, I don't understand how these two
foresters make ends meet charging prices this low and I would have paid much
more for the service they provided.

Michael Courtney

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