Landowner assistance for habitat improvement announced

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 Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> writes:

>It's incomprehensible to me why the professions aren't treated the same by
>society; except that the entrenched ones won't make the changes they need to
>make and because most foresters don't stand up and fight for the profession.
>The internet is a way for foresters living on those back roads and who lack
>public speaking skills to stand up and be counted- BE A PROFESSIONAL.

You are exactly right!  But I believe that foresters have not publically proven
that they can manage the forest any better than a person who owns timber - if
the two be different..  I don't believe this but I believe most timber owners

And also the legal fact is that surveyors HAVE to be hired to transact land
sales where foresters DONT HAVE to be hired to transact timber sales (this is
changing in some states).  Landowners are mostly lost when surveying but they
think managing timber is a piece-o-cake.  Such is life.

I don't know that it is as much fighting for the profession as it is having an
owner of timber think we (foresters) can  make an economic and/or environmental
difference on their properties.  In most cases they do not.  Even consultants
have not done a grand job in selling themselves and we both know that the rest
of the profession is even further behind...

And the worst is yet to come.  I suspicion that one day the gumment will be
hiring selected bureaucrats to make all the decisions about environment and
timber on all land. Seems like it will be sooner than later in the Northeast
and possibly out West. I hope foresters will be part of that resource
professional cadre when it comes  However, I am not so sure they will be...

Deep stuff here Joe


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