Viva la revolution! Was Landowner Ass

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>Go forth and sin no more, my nephew.  I fit most of the above, with
>work, to tight, except #10 and half of #9, corrupt is too
strong,  inept is
>better.  Oh and I traded SAF for ACF, thats also part
of the reversal on #1.
>Been there done that, don't know Joes state
agency except from him, but a lot
>of it sounds familiar.

Thanks Don:

This group is your show now and I expect it to be fair and allow all all points
of view<gulp!>please.  You can put down your gun now.

Also,  let us know your status as master of agroforestry to date.  I haven't
heard lately...

>>I think perhaps we need a little
sensitivity training in the group, I'll go first.  Joe is talking about
Massachuesetts, not Alabama, if you scream, he may be to close to home. 
Lighten up guys, Joe, not all states the same, just some/most.<<

I take this to mean that I am the one who needs the sensitivity training.  I
can handle that and promise not to mess with Joe's .308 and bandoleer - all I
got is a broom and I am frantically using it against this BS <grin>.

I still love to see Joe back in full service gear with live ammo...I aint gonna
slow him down this time - well maybe just a little.

Viva la revolution?  Ya know I liked that movie.  Elvis did a great job and I
think I saw him the other day at a craps table in....never mind.

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