Landowner Assistance for Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Mar 3 17:01:46 EST 1998

Nick Ananin wrote:
> Wow!! Now we have got one fired up Zorzin.

Viva la revolution!

> One thing I can assure you is that to be a "licenced forester" is going to
> cost - THEY will squeeze you by the credentials and leave you wondering what
> you got out of it.
> Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the "oldest profession" - we need to
> sell ourselves!! The main problem with forestry is we have been poor at
> promoting ourselves. The 21st of March is Forestry Day so why don't we do
> something about it?
> Way back when forestry was in a bad shape in the UK the foresters actually
> marched on parliament to complain about the unfair treatment the industry
> was receiving. Why not something similar?
> I believe that the industry doesn't need more handouts - we need to be
> allowed to get on with managing the forests to our best abilities. Instead
> we have ever more restrictions and legislation to deal with. My impression
> is that governments seem to be aiming to convert forests into play parks.
> However if production is reduced there will be fewer people  living and
> working in the rural industries. The result will be that there won't be any
> professionals left to manage the forests for the next generation.

Every industry in America is on the welfare dole in one way or the
other. I'm all for no welfare for forestry as soon as the rest get off
the dole.

Would Bill Gates be worth $50,000,000,000 if the Pentagon hadn't spent
trillions in the past 60 years on computers and other research that make
computers possible?

Where would the airline industry be without trillions spent by the
Pentagon for military planes and the research to make it possible. And
do the airlines pay for the airports? No way.

What condition would farmers be in without that 50 billion per year
handed to them? Then of curse the several billion we give to the most
toxic industry in the world, tobbaco.

The military industrial complex received several trillion in the past 20
years, most of which was pissed away. After all, the core belief of
conservative geopolitical thinking was that Soviet communism was
inheritanly incapable of competing with capitalism and would collapse on
it's own- which it did. Those trillions spent on the pentagon were not
needed- but they sure the hell enriched a lot of .... Republicans. This
scam occured because those Republican capitalists had the political
power to rob the treasury thanks to that nitwit Ronny Reagon.

The pharmaceutical industry in America is one of the richest industries
in the world. It would not be so without hundreds of billions given to
them by the feds for research.

Everybody in America is on welfare but foresters.

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