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You got a sick mind, I like that.

JimiFromMI wrote:
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> >Subject:       AS THE WORLD TURNS
> >From:  Joseph Zorzin <redoak at>
> >Date:  Tue, 03 Mar 1998 08:33:35 -0500
> >
> >To those interested in forestry on planet Earth via the internet's
> >forestry newsgroups, bionet.agroforestry and alt.forestry.
> >
> >So, our daily readings in these groups start off with the East coast
> >boys and girls with sophisticated attacks on the establishment by Der
> >Forestmeister, then the vigorous defense by the world's most
> >sophisticated and advanced "establishment forester" alias Steve Nix of
> >Alabama.
> >
> >Then as the sun moves to the west, we hear from our midwest contingent
> >of woodsmen and landowners often with less politics and real nitty
> >gritty "how to do it" discussion- in good midwestern Teutonic
> >practicality.
> >
> >Shortly thereafter, the Texan Ranger joins in the fray with witicism
> >wearing his six shooter with that bottle of Scotch in his back pocket.
> ><G>
> >
> >Then we hear from the West coast boys and their problems in redwood and
> >Doug Fir country. Will the mountains all erode to the sea?
> >
> >Either before or after all of the above, we hear from Scotsman, Nick
> >Ananin- representing the Eastern hemisphere and old world
> >sophistication.
> >
> >We are having fun here, the crem-de-la crem of the forestry world.
> >McCluhan's "global village".
> >
> >But, where are the other 20,000 foresters and millions of landowners and
> >countless forestry bureaucrats on the planet? Let's hear from you! This
> >is the "happening place". This is the revolution! If you're not here,
> >you're not "with it". <G>
> I don't know how to do it, but what about one of ya'll:  Does anybody have the
> guts to SPAM this challenge to the thousands of other newsgroups out there???
> I'm sure there is a landowner or two lurking in the political groups.  There
> may even be some of those forestry "professionals" out there lurking in the
> smut groups on our tax dollars.  Maybe they just never thought about looking
> for a forestry group!
> How 'bout it?  Please SPAM it on over!!

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