Viva la revolution! Was Landowner Ass

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>Subject:	Re: Viva la revolution! Was Landowner Ass
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>>Go forth and sin no more, my nephew.  I fit most of the above, with
>>work, to tight, except #10 and half of #9, corrupt is too
>strong,  inept is
>>better.  Oh and I traded SAF for ACF, thats also part
>of the reversal on #1.
>>Been there done that, don't know Joes state
>agency except from him, but a lot
>>of it sounds familiar.
>Thanks Don:
>This group is your show now and I expect it to be fair and allow all all
>of view<gulp!>please.  You can put down your gun now.
>Also,  let us know your status as master of agroforestry to date.  I haven't
>heard lately...
>>>I think perhaps we need a little
>sensitivity training in the group, I'll go first.  Joe is talking about
>Massachuesetts, not Alabama, if you scream, he may be to close to home. 
>Lighten up guys, Joe, not all states the same, just some/most.<<
>I take this to mean that I am the one who needs the sensitivity training.  I
>can handle that and promise not to mess with Joe's .308 and bandoleer - all I
>got is a broom and I am frantically using it against this BS <grin>.
>I still love to see Joe back in full service gear with live ammo...I aint
>slow him down this time - well maybe just a little.
>Viva la revolution?  Ya know I liked that movie.  Elvis did a great job and I
>think I saw him the other day at a craps table in....never mind.
>Steve Nix, from the Great State of Alabama
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Hey Don,

My mind is foggy right now, was it you that I forced into this position as
group master???  Really, I was just joking.


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