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> Either before or after all of the above, we hear from Scotsman, Nick
> Ananin- representing the Eastern hemisphere and old world
> sophistication.

You forgot our wiley Swedes and Norwegians.  It's no accident that
Paul Bunyan was a Swede, you know.  And there doesn't seem to be
a shortage of Canadians with an opinion, either.  :)
> But, where are the other 20,000 foresters and millions of landowners and
> countless forestry bureaucrats on the planet? Let's hear from you! This
> is the "happening place". This is the revolution! If you're not here,
> you're not "with it". <G>

We pretty much cover the English speaking world.  I just answered a post
from Paulo from Portugal, where they speak a lot of English because of
their historic association with England.  

The big thing is, say something interesting.  If you talk about interesting
stuff, people will join the conversation.  If you're boring, they go 
somewhere else.  

-- Larry

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