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>Paulo wrote:
>> who wants to speak about mediterranean forest?
>Have at it Paulo, I am particularly interested in pine of the south
>coast of the med, of which I know very little, but would like to learn.
I don't mind talking about this either.  However, I wonder whether it is
worth talking about the subject in the area it is in now or whether we
should talk about it where it will be in some years time.  What I mean
is the zone is warming due to global warming.  I am particularly
interested to know which areas around the med. are now worth planting
with, say, central African rainforest tree species.  

As for the pines, they seem likely to be marginalised to higher areas
for the short period of time it takes to lose air quality in those
areas.  If the Kogi people couldn't hunt rodents up their mountains
several years ago (no rodents, no grass, no breath to run around), then
it seems likely that the high Pyrennes, etc. will be changing about now.

We really need the small area of new rainforest which could be created
around the med.  Saddest aspect of it all is those pine encrusted
Southern French campsites having to go (people will have to be moved
from the forest areas wherever possible until it is becoming
established) and maybe the end of the flower fields in the Pyrennes.
These were once grown for the houses of healing that sprouted during the
crusades and practiced arab medicine away from the church that regarded
the new medicine as heretical, perhaps because it worked. 

I hope you consider this food for thought and worthy of the thread


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