Hurwitz, Pacific Lumber is cutting Headwaters

Don Staples dstaples at
Wed Mar 4 16:56:39 EST 1998

CamillaH wrote:
> When Maxxam acquired PL, Charles Hurwitz had already planned to log at the
> maximum rate possible.  No environmentalists involved.  Take a real look at the
> man you're defending.  (  I pray that there are few
> or no other forest owners that are like him.  I find it criminal that someone
> can buy a company and in essence steal the workers' pension funds.  Twice!!  I
> don't care if it's legal; there is no way to justify such actions!
> Environmentalists for Headwaters only want 60,000 acres.  Charles Hurwitz took
> over 200,000 acres from the Murphys.

The URL listed above is the same one that demonized Hurwitz for the past
year.  Unadultrated propaganda.  Criminal?  I ask the same  I did on
this newsgroup several months ago.  Show me the indictments.  Show me
the prosecution. Show me the jail time.  Not emotional diatribe, but
evidence of prosecution.  Other wise, you should add IMHO to your posts.

Environmentalists want for free that which Hurwitz bought, not stole, in
the take over he bought stock.  Why do not the environmentalists set
forth to perform the same operation on Hurwitz.  Buy him out.

I don't defend the man, don't know him, but I am offended by the
emotional name calling of the environmentalists.  Pot calling the

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