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>>Sounds like you have the answers in your mind before asking the question.
>If you are addressing this comment to me, of course I have my own opinions,
>what I am interested in is the opinions of others.  What are yours?
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>Subject: Re: Hurwitz, Pacific Lumber is cutting Headwaters
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Gee, I sent this message so long ago (in light of recent outbursts over the
last couple of days) that I forgot the original question.

In general, I think everyone here knows my beliefs with regard to Freedom and
personal property rights.  I do believe, however that when activities performed
on one's property (such as dumping motor oil into a creek) has drastic effects
on other's  well being, it just aint right.

See everybody?  I'm not as radical as ya'll might have expected.

Many of the wetland provisions, however have gone too far!  Should we expect
property owners (of 3 or more generations) to protect "wetlands" on their
property that are mearly drainage runoffs from highways or roads that were put
in to accomodate a bunch of wining "bleeding hearts" (I didn't say
environmentalist, because I consider myself as one) living in the subdivision
that was formerly a swamp, but drained for housing (perhaps "poor housing" --
what a delemna!) before the green police started their thing?

With regard to HUGE tracts of land:  Considering the infusion of $$$ into the
economy, should we expect the tax payers to pick of the bill of watershed
protection in return?  Afterall, many cities are building $200M + Baseball
stadiums (not including infrastructure improvements, tax abatements, etc.) so
that some rich guy can watch his rich  players have fun (work).

I'm beginning to talk out of my ass again, so...


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