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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Mar 5 09:22:33 EST 1998

Jostnix wrote:

> Hell, Joe you are wrong agai...er, uh, huhum <blush>  Thanks Joe and with the
> patient guidance of many in this group I am beginning to believe your State of
> MASS has major problems with their forestry program - there I said it.  And you
> are ripping 'em apart globally, using  your agroforestry platform.
> And they better get off their butts and reply.  I know for a fact that tens of
> Alabama Forestry Commission foresters lurk this site.  Surely there is one
> Massachusetts state employed forester that knows what newsgroups are. For the
> life of me I don't know why either state wont join in.  Maybe they have seen my
> pink slip...

Well I had heard for years that THE CHIEF was a computer nut; according
to my inside sources in the DEM. One has reported that THE CHIEF has
said, "If you can't do it on a computer, it ain't worth doing."

And... in my recent post "As The World Turns" which I also cc:ed to a
lot of individuals including THE CHIEF, the message bounced off the
chief's server, saying that email box has been disconnected. Heck, I
wonder why? I had also sent it to "my" service forester and THAT message
didn't bounce and it's on the same server. <G>

The forestry leadership in this state hate my guts because I've been
telling the trut about them for years. They've never denied what I've

Hard to believe but the net hasn't caught on up here (in forestry
circles) in the Athens of the Western Hemisphere. Email is just now
starting to catch on with a small number of consultants. I don't think
any know about the newsgroups, except Karl Davies from Northampton and
my former partner Don Harris who is now a surveyor and musician. Davies'
town of Northampton is the center of the "five college area" with more
college students than non college students and I think his
undergradutate degree was in the liberal arts. So Karl has a much
broader view than the typical forestry graduate.

Foresters universally have a reputation as a bit dense, maybe there more
dense up here where the state forestry school lost it's accredidation
for several years. A buddy of mine who had gone to colleg in Boston for
3 years switched to U.Mass forestry, then later regretting it saying, "I
can't believe how bad this school is- the teachers are like walking
tranquillizers and they show no awareness at all of modern
environmentalism". The results of such a poor quality forestry school
are still with us- along with probably the most corrupt state politics
in the nation.

Get this.... when I complained to my state senator about the DEM
secretly hiring consultants- he sent my letter to the DEM lawyers. Kinda
reminds me of Nixon asking the FBI to investigate that "two-bit
burglary" over at the Watergate. <G>

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