Forester Licensing

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Mar 5 05:40:07 EST 1998

TREEFARMER at wrote:
> Licensing is job protectionism unless there's a BONAFIDE board of review
> that yanks the license for malpractice.

Sure. And every real profession in the world has this job protectionism
because those boards are usually not doing their job.

And what is a bureaucracy? The ultimate job protectionism. I know
countless people in gubmint jobs that should be fired- countless- but
hey can't be fired.

They there are those huge corporations with monopolies or
semi-monopolies- like the power companies, the phone companies and
others- they also have job protectionism.

And of course rich people have wealth protectionism- they don't have to
worry about medical insurance or paying the rent- and as the old saying
goes- "behind every great fortune is a great crime".

EVERYBODY should have job protectionism or NOBODY should.

I happen to think it's a crime that we have hundreds of billionaires in
America while tens of millions live in slums- but that's diverging. <G>

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