Group Appreciation

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Mar 5 13:14:21 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote:

> A bunch said they read these groups, but don't participate.  Even some
> state guys here in Texas read, but dont write.

Must be they hear their ears ringing while they're at their meetings.

> Could be our chatter disturbs them, could be they think all the
> discussion is on how bad the state boys are, yet Susan and Steve hold
> their own with patient work.

That's 2 down, 5,000 to go. And I'm waiting for Gore, although his book
sucked. His ideas were OK, but his writing style was stiff, and
confused. Overall I like the guy, at least he admits to inhaling, but
really- his writing style is at the level of a high school student.

> Have we had the first fed on here?  I remember one or two messages that
> were alleged to be from feds, maybe ex.

After I once blasted the feds for not partipating one fed forester
mentioned that his forest has a web site that keeps current with it's
harvest and other stuff. Then, a USFS friend of mine said that they're
NOT supposed to go on the net. Not sure what that meant.

> Al S. sneeks in from the College on the Left Coast (sorry Al, it is just
> to easy) with good sound schooling response.  A few more academic types
> and we would be on a roll.

Yup, 1 down, a few thousand to go.

> Keep it up, we are growing, what we need is some sort of physical
> example of our presence.  How about supporting as an "international
> group" some of the proposed state licensing, or opposition if thats the
> feeling?
> --

Here, licensing has been discussed for over 20 years. They finally
passed the law about 3 years ago. A year ago "they" came out with the
proposed rules and regs. I thought the way it was being handled was very
bad. So, naturally I whiped out some faxes to the top honchos. It's all
on hold now. Of course the honchos would NEVER admit even seeing
anything I wrote; nor admit that a mere untermenschen consultant might
have somethin to contribute, not having a PHD. Twenty five years
"interfacing" with landowners, maybe a 100 or so mgt. plans, a few
thousand acres of precommercial thinning, many millions of board feet
timber sales, just is NOT equal to a PHD, you know, research on how many
dimples on an acorn.

I guess the public tax supported foresters (gubment and college) only
WISH they had the time of we consultants have to do this. That's why I
charge brain surgeon fees- so my work hours are few, in order to
enlighten the planet. <G>

One state guy up here would love to participate, but his email box on
his office computer will not allow access to the groups, nor can I send
an image attached to email to him, to protect him from porn, probably.
He has several children and a stiff mortagage so he can't afford a
computer at home. Also, this guy overall earns his pay by doing things
by the book, which is OK with me as I can predict his behaviour this
way. No surprises. I'll not mention his name, to protect him from a
negative association with the Che Gueverra of Mass. forestry. <G>

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