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Don Staples dstaples at
Thu Mar 5 11:01:17 EST 1998

Hey, 25 to 50 hits a day on agroforestry, 5 to 10 alt.forestry.  some of
it off topic, but damn, guys and girls, I am impressed.  Of course, half
has  come from gullag Mass, but there is a voice in each state and
nation that can be heard, if it would only speak.

Citalia, you still there?

Had a ACF meeting the other night, gave a little speech.  Implored my
fellow ACF'ers to participate in the sale of forestry through
participation in Tree farm, county associations, planning boards, etc,
and mentioned the web to some.  

A bunch said they read these groups, but don't participate.  Even some
state guys here in Texas read, but dont write.

Could be our chatter disturbs them, could be they think all the
discussion is on how bad the state boys are, yet Susan and Steve hold
their own with patient work.

Have we had the first fed on here?  I remember one or two messages that
were alleged to be from feds, maybe ex.

Al S. sneeks in from the College on the Left Coast (sorry Al, it is just
to easy) with good sound schooling response.  A few more academic types
and we would be on a roll.

Keep it up, we are growing, what we need is some sort of physical
example of our presence.  How about supporting as an "international
group" some of the proposed state licensing, or opposition if thats the
Don Staples
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