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Wed Mar 4 19:24:57 EST 1998

 Don Staples <dstaples at livingston.net> writes:

Harris.  Harris?  Harris!  Hmm, New York.  Another Yankee.  Steve,
hustle us up some of them rebs from Alabama and Mississippi to off set
these carpet baggers! 8-}>>>>

Don, we are being "surrounded" by damn yankees.  I don't think southern people
know what a computer is and we are being overrun by people who have never
suffered defeat and can afford the Mr. Gates contraption.  It is a pure
disgrace, ya'll.

It's great to have Mr. Harris, Ms. Fair, Mr. Zorzin, and a million other Yanks
to talk to.  But thank goodness for Bob Miller and Don Staples!  Go Texas and
Alabama (and Georgia)....

Sweet Home Alabama...Marshall Tucker Band  circa 1976

(Gosh! I feel like I am at a University of Georgia football game...Go Dogs,
ruff, ruff, ruff...and maybe thats why southerners like college football so
much...at least they can win on the gridiron)

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