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>Hey, 25 to 50 hits a day on agroforestry, 5 to 10 alt.forestry.  some of
>it off topic, but damn, guys and girls, I am impressed.  Of course, half
>has  come from gullag Mass, but there is a voice in each state and
>nation that can be heard, if it would only speak.


You and I have talked about this but I want to bring it up as an open letter. 
Your recent posted comment about the silence at bionet disturbs me a little. 
Is there some renegging (if they ever agreed in the first place) on foresters
taking this newsgroup?

I have to go back to a post I made long ago about the Stanford Wizard that
controls this group's place on the Internet.  We have heard of the wizard but
nobody has seen or talked to the wizard.  We need to sprinkle wizard food and
catch him like we caught der Bear.

With your permission, and hopefully your help, I want to get to the bottom of
this and  set the issue straight.  I don't want bionet to pop up with someone
else who will take this group in another direction or is inclined to break this
thing up because of "funding".  Someone is paying for this, I keep seeing
funding posts here, and I am now uncertain that the transfer of power was
really sincere or that we were even talking to the wizard's apprentice.

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