A Really Silly Idea

Nick Ananin visfor at globalnet.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 17:30:18 EST 1998

Yep, the man is dreaming - and so should all the rest of you {[:-)  ( =
smiling forester with hardhat)

At least Karl is thinking positive. The forest industry certainly needs to
take a stand on some of the broader issues. I am not so sure the fossil
fuel/biomass platform is the best. Certainly we should have followed up the
attack by environmentalists on the Swedish company for felling 100 year old
"ancient forests". What did we do - sweet F.A.

Ron Wenrich wrote "We can't even get a concensus of how forest
>mgmt should be carried out, let alone larger debates on global
>warming.  I would like to remind you that the Kyoto accord didn't even
>raise an eyebrow in this NG."

I didn't realise there was any accord {[:-)

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