Scanned film of heli-logging

john doe nobody at
Fri Mar 6 07:49:03 EST 1998

>Uh.... I suppose somebody should say this... but I think officially
>we're not suppossed to be uploading picutes to newsgoups other than the
>alt.binary ones. But I'm not complaining and I hope to see more. And if
>nobody officially complains than mabye more of us should do it.

There are still a large number of people that receive news via e-mail
over slow modems and get charged by the minute for connection time.
(fortunately, I'm not one of these). To these people, receiving an
unwanted image can be both and unwanted expense and a loss of time. I
guess everyone who is guilty of the 'sin' of posting images outside of
the alt.binary groups gets flamed and lives to post another day. Also,
servers (especially at schools) that devote a limited amount of disk
space to news, cannot afford to have images hogging disk space. A 1000
line image takes up the space of 100 average sized messages.

Today, the more 'politically correct' way of sharing images in the
non-alt.binary news groups is to place it in a web page, at least
temporarily, and to post a link to that page to the newsgroup so that
them that wants to can view at leisure.

Been there, done that, got flamed.

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