Hurwitz and Liquidation Forestry

Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Mar 7 02:50:28 EST 1998

John Vona wrote:
 and we piss poor foresters stand up and "shout, yeah man
> private property rights!"   I'm sorry, foresters rooting for Hurwitz is
> like African-americans cheering for OJ Simpson, while they both laugh
> their way to the bank, and we fail to recognize how the laws of our
> lands are bent for their wealth.   It makes me ill of the frightening
> reality of what everyone of us are afraid to admit about this country,
> like the allegory of Plato's cave, that  it's not about democracy and
> private property, its the wealthy being not just above the laws of this
> country but that they make the laws!!

Not so much rooting for Hurwitz, as for our clients.  Private property
is under attack, and just because the big armies are ruthless, does not
mean they are incorrect in trying to maintain those private property
> Whew, sorry for the digression.   The Headwaters is in fact private
> property and there is plenty of old-growth in the west so if anybody
> else was managing it, like me, then I'd say why not and thin it out a
> little.

Mel Books said "It's good to be king!".  Were but it so on some of the
old growth managed by true foresters.

Good digression, and as Joe would have said in the '60's, "Right on,

Don Staples

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