Forester Licensing

John Vona leah8 at
Fri Mar 6 21:55:39 EST 1998

In California the  RPF  (registered prof. forester) exam is considered
the most stringent in the nation, with a first time pass rate of 8%
(from my unofficial sources).  In the 4 years working in the state I met
many conscientious hardworking RPF's, I mean no harm when I say this;
but I met too many foresters who sent non-RPF's to do 99% of the timber
harvest planning  for which the RPF would sign off on the document and
never set foot out of the &^%$ truck. A forestry consultant outfit from
out of state flat out was looking for silent RPF, who did no real work
except sign off on their harvest plans for while their 12 employees did
all the work.

Licensing may weed out the less bookish people, who can't easily pass
exams,  but it doesn't weed out the dishonest.

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