fwd: massive landslide threatens Headwaters

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Sat Mar 7 16:33:21 EST 1998

In article <wayne-0703982056340001 at d1-u14.napr.clear.net.nz>,
wayne at link.co.nz (Wayne Mote) wrote:

> Can you please enlighten me as to what OTOH, BTM, FMP mean ?.

They're acronyms for conversational phrases that don't mean anything.
OTOH is short for On The Other Hand, FTP is From My Perspective, and
BTM defeats me.  BTW is By The Way.

These are a common conversational gambit that really don't add any meaning
to a sentence.  If you delete the phrase, the meaning remains intact, but
the writing may seem abrupt.  BTW signals a shift in subject emphasis, and
lets the reader get set for that dip in the road.  OTOH does the same.

-- Larry

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