Federal McForestry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Mar 9 06:36:08 EST 1998

Susan112 wrote:
> Some pompous bizarro combination of lefty-righty politics wrote:
> > I'm for affirmative action only for black folks
> >but not for women and other "victims".
> > (now dodging for cover).
> >
> Hey Steve, where's that bear gun of yours? ;)
> Susan

Oh, of course you wouldn't admit that MAYBE you wouldn't have your job
without affirmative action.

Blacks were slaves for centuries. The white race will NEVER be able to
make up for that. Affirmative action for them is only a token effort.
But affirmative action for women is nuts. Affirmative action means that
a cerain percentage of a certain group of jobs is guaranteed to women.
Women should have to win those jobs based on merit, not affirmative
action. There should be no descrimiation AGAINST women, but no
affirmative action. Women were not oppressed slave for centuries. They
were no more oppressed that men, working in the fields and factories.


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