Hurwitz, Pacific Lumber is cutting Headwaters

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Mar 9 06:11:00 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote:

> Hmmmm,,  So, your Packard-Bell, IBM, Compaq, whatever, was a product of
> the little home cottage industry?  The US standard of living is a
> product of the lobo workman?  Military/industrial complex so hated by
> the '60's hippie was the one born in WWII and became the world leading
> business community.  Your furniture, gas, auto, etc, is among the
> cheapest in the world.  Your income one of the highest (I know,
> foresters don't make squat, it's the average I am talking about).

Those fabulously creative and productive computer industries wouldn't be
where they are without trillions spent by the government. Until the PC
revolution, the biggest purchaser of computer equipment in the world was
the US government (the taxpayers). So, the industry didn't do it all by
itself, it got pumped up big time. Too bad the gov. can't do that for
our industry. I don't mean a lot- just a few trillion. But the point is,
that without all that gov. help, ole Bill Gates might just be a local
school teacher, so his 50 billion is THANKS to Uncle Sam.

And the military industrial complex? A world leading industry? Some
business! It depended 100% of the taxpayers, so what net value did it
produce? Even right wingers acknowledge that most of the money spent by
the Pentagon was a waste. And should we be proud of all those trillions
spent on weapons of death?

> There is a wide range of corporate structure that does not fit your
> definitions, just as not all humans fit the Superman mode.  Untermensch
> or not, the corporate structure is the back bone of the economy.
> Picking mushrooms and carving weather vanes is subsistance, at best.
> --

That's right, and too bad our society can't find a place for EVERYONE in
the corporate structure. This almost DID happen until corporate America
decided to shut down it's plants and send them to slave labor countries
and of course thanks to that retard Reagan, the union movement is dead,
and without unions, the American worker is no better than a servant, he
might as well be picking mushroom. The only remaining and very powerfull
unions are the BAR, the AMA, and politicians who have the best penison
and medical insurance in the land.

Although the newspapers will have us believe the economy is fantastic,
it's only fantastic for a small percent, the rest are either just
getting by or sinking. But the media, now owned by billionaires, only is
concerned with the well being of the Ubermenschen. The untermenschen are


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