McForestry: Spew it on a Political NG for a while, Joe.

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Sun Mar 8 23:52:49 EST 1998

Like in the forest, there are cause / effect relationships out there.

Its your liberal programs such as Min.Wages, Extended Family Medical Whatever,
(your sabatical), and over-burdening tax regulations that cause businesses to
structure themselves as such.   If your $@##$ Democratic congress didn't #@$%$#
things up over the last 30 years or however long they've controlled things, we
wouldn't be in such a sorry state (MA).  Talk about CRONYism and take a look at
your Democratic friends.  Some sorry puke Senator in the NewEngland states even
went as far as adding Lake Champlaign to the list of the Great Lakes!  Your
buddy, President Clinton "proudly" signed away over the weekend.  Give me a
break <oink> <oink> pork fat program consistant with the people that you'd
rather see in office?!

If you care to promote scientific ideas and common sense into our legislature,
maybe you should start talking to Republicans.  The liberal Democrats in
Politics just prove time after time that they would prefer a "feel good"
program over scientific truth any day.
Subject:	Re: Federal McForestry II
From:	Joseph Zorzin <redoak at>
Date:	Sun, 08 Mar 1998 19:24:38 -0500

It's interesting to see the same sort of social breakdown occurring
everywhere, in all levels of government and the private sector.

This two-tiering of society has got to end. All jobs should be REAL
jobs. And those of you getting screwed by this two-tier system had
better wake up and stop voting Republican because they're only for the
rich! The rich who want to downsize you, export your jobs, raise your
taxes while lowering theirs, take away your social security and
medicare. But the working class voted for that nitwit Reagan, who began
this breakdown of our once decent social system that was built up from
the New Deal. They suckered the working class with their hypocritical
talk about "family values" while themselves being divorced perverts,
like that whore master Jimmy Swaggert.

Up to about 1972 taxes were high on the rich, but it didn't hurt the
rich, there were plenty of those vermin. <G>

And we didn't have "free trade" which has helped make the rich richer
and the poor poorer- and we had a balanced budget. Only a fool could
believe that Republican economics is good for anyone but the
billionaires. And if you can remember, Reagan's own budget boss himself
(forgot name) called Republican economics- a Trojan horse for the rich
to beat down everyone else- it's a *$@(^*# crime syndicate, the people
that run our country. There is no democracy, other than one vote for
each dollar of net worth.

Foresters need to look beyond the trees and get involved with politics
for their own good and the good of the nation.

Joe "Che Gueverra" Zorzin

Viva la revolution!

Viva forestry!

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