Need info about soil roof on a log house.

Gaetan Mailloux ba221 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Sun Mar 8 22:35:50 EST 1998

 (cyli at writes:
> There is a newsgroup (or more) on rural life.  A search engine should
> find them for you.


My access to the web are difficult and limited, and some in rural
newsgroup may have experience with those kind of house. 

> But, first, why, if you've got lots of wood, do you want a soddy style
> roof?  Soddies were for plains dwellers, who didn't have the wood for
> 'proper' walls or roofs and therefore often dug into the side of a
> hill, used rock where they could for walls, and covered it all with
> sod.  If you've got plenty of wood, you should be able to make a deal
> with a nearby lumber mill to rip you planks and take some wood in
> trade and then you could hand split shingles.

A soil roof have a bit of the advantage of the underground house;
"calorific mass", so it store the day's energy from the sun and give back
some of it at night. 



> Try a library for old issues of the Mother Earth News. I'll bet
> they've covered thus subject zillions of times.
> On 8 Mar 1998 22:31:16 GMT, ba221 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Gaetan
> Mailloux) wrote:
>>It may not be the right groups to post, but I really was not sure who's
>>would be the right one, so my excuse if I did'nt post to the right place. 
>>But there may some who can answer to my question.
>>I would need info about soil roof on a log house.
>>What diameter of pine or spruce log I would need for that kind of roof ? 
>>I presume it's a question a calculate the resistance of a log versus the
>>weight of the one feet soil, etc..., but that I don't know those math. 
>>It's a roof of 15 feet large using 15 feet log, and 40 feet long, for a
>>log home, if I use the complete log (not split) stack side by side all the
>>40 feet long, without space between them, and I would put thick
>>waterproofing and one feet of soil on that log roof. 
>>Building that roof usind concrete or steel would cost way to much, and log
>>are free on any land I would buy. 
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