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To bionet.agroforestry

This is now the time for me to thank Don Staples for taking over as
'Discussion Leader' for this group.  I've not quite disappeared, but
really don't have the time or contact with US forestry to
lead/cajole/plead/blast/motivate in the way that Don can, and does!.
I'm also no longer reading all the messages,  since I've unscribed my
previous direct email subscription (simply too many messages) and am now
browsing like most of the rest of you.

I'm going to: a)  repeat my previous messages about other agroforestry
groups, b) help Don by restarting a discussion on what you'd like in the
newsgroup charter, and c) in (a message to follow) ask for advice on
professional forestry groups worldwide.

Other Agroforestry Groups
To my knowledge there are 2 agroforestry mail-list groups in addition to
this newsgroup.  One in the US is run by the American Federation of
Temperate Agroforesters.  You can join this by sending a message to
listproc at saying 'subscribe AFTA <your name>' (I don't
know if they run a web page). The UK group is run by the UK Agroforestry
Research Forum, and info can be obtained by from
ttp:// lists/agroforestry/.  Finally, Steve (or is it
Joe?) Nix has set up the start of a compilation of agroforestry web
addresses on ww.forestry.miningco. com/msub16.htm (and I'll send him
some more to add to it).

Agroforestry Charter
How often do people send messages to this group saying 'I don't know
whether this is where I should be asking this but ...........'  Well
there is a way of finding out what each of the newsgroups is
supposed to be about.  Have a look at (and other pages back up
the heirarchy).  Each newsgroup is supposed to have a charter.  As
you'll see biosci.agroforestry doesn't have one.  It probably should,
and as many of you will remember, back in the mists of time I proposed
one based on the assumption that it would continue with an emphasis on
agroforestry.  Can I now suggest one which better (but perhaps not
enough??) reflects the wider nature of the group.  Could we have some
comments ... maybe some expansion of the 'scope'.

USENET NEWSGROUP NAME:  bionet.agroforestry

STATUS:   Unmoderated

ONE LINE DESCRIPTION:   Discussion forum on farm-forestry

EMAIL ADDRESS:  agroforestry at, agroforestry at
(ag-forst at or ag-forst at also possible)

MODERATOR:    Don Staples (dstaples at


SUMMARY: BIONET.AGROFORESTRY  is a forum for discussion and information
exchange amongst foresters, agroforesters and others interested in the
integration of trees with other rural land uses, both temperate and
tropical regions.

BACKGROUND:  This Newsgroup started in 1989, following an International
Union of Forestry Research Organisations (IUFRO) meeting in Edinburgh on
'Agroforestry: principles and practice' (P.G. Jarvis (ed), Elsevier
1991).  We prefer to use a wide definition of agroforestry (Leakey -
ICRAF) as 'a dynamic, ecologically based, natural resource management
system that, through the integration of trees in farm- and rangeland,
diversifies and sustains smallholder production for increased social,
economic and environmental benefits'.

SCOPE:  In recent years the group has had wide-ranging discussions on
forestry issues, with an emphasis on the US but with many contributions
from elsewhere in the world.   'Pure' forestry discussion is still
welcomed but contributors are urged give their thoughts on issues like:
encouraging farm-forestry, involving the rural community in forestry
planning, planting trees to maximise environmental benefit, exploiting
non-timber forest products, and stimulating farm-forestry in the
developing world.

MODERATION POLICY:  The group is currently not moderated.  Mass-posted
commercial messages, chain letters, and messages with graphics or macro
attachments are discouraged. Use of the newsgroup for commercial
purposes is prohibited.  Contributors are asked (where possible) to use
their true name and address.

Thanks, Gerry Lawson

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