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Had to cross this post.

Subject: Re: Jimi, the Naive.
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Date: Mon, Mar 9, 1998 23:27 EST
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In article <35046C81.F448D11A at>, Joseph Zorzin
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>Read some history. As waves of people came over here they took turns
>beating down the next wave. The English treated the Irish like dogs;
>then the same for southern and eastern Europeans.

Evil, but human nature.  Unbelievable!  Somehow THESE "racial" hatreds have
fallen by the wayside!  The reason:  Government didn't want them to exist
forever, so government ignored them!

> And perhaps you think
>it's just a myth that our country destroyed millions of Indians. Just
>some liberal myth, I suppose.

No, for sure our country did!  Most of YOUR friends would have us believe that
it was cruel hunters with guns that destroyed the Buffalo!  Incidentally,
American Indians are probably the only ones out there that have more
"government" considerations than Blacks.  Look at the results!!!!!!!!!!  It
doesn't take a genious to figure out that the more "affirmative action" we give
to a group, the further (and longer) we can suppress that group.  I think you
may by actions, be a racist!  Take a hard look at your soul, the politics that
you promote, and the results of them!

> All we gotta do is just kiss up to the
>rich folk, ya right. Sho'nuff, kiss up to da masta.

Nice try, but NOT.  What d'all think out there, people?

Your friend (I'm talking to Joe).

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