weed control

TREEFARMER at webtv.net TREEFARMER at webtv.net
Mon Mar 9 23:28:36 EST 1998

MMEMU, we planted Autumn Olive and Bush Honeysuckle 20 years ago for
wildlife courtesy of the State of Illinois. I mow one side of the Autumn
Olive row and the state mows the other. So far it hasn't spread either
way and the state has cut way back on its mowing. The honeysuckle on the
other hand has become a 6-10' understory under the Black Locusts and
Silver Maples. I'd say the Black Locust is only slightly more ambitious
than the honeysuckle. I did speak with our state forester today and
neither Autumn Olive, Bush Honeysuckle, or Black Locust is available
from Illinois anymore. We got a prairie grass fad going here and those
guys don't like the above, regardless of survival of the fittest. Black
Locust is listed as native so the "non-native" idea doesn't apply.  IMHO
it's hard to beat Black Locust for fuelwood plantations.

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