Political Forestry (well, political anyway)

JimiFromMI jimifrommi at aol.com
Mon Mar 9 22:57:02 EST 1998

I've travelled the whole country -- all but 5 states.  I've even lived in Don's
area (Texas) for just shy of 2 years (I be mov'n back to Michigan in 6 days!).
I was raised in Detroit -- grew up in a black neighborhood as a white during
the "great white flight" out of the city (we stayed).  I was the "token" white
of the neighborhood.  If you need some street football pictures, I can get them
to ya'll.  I'm a young'n at just shy of 33 years old.  The period that I grew
up in was definitely the MOST racial tensive that my old neighborhood ever saw.

My mother was the LEAST rasist person on this planet.  She thought that the
boys that stole my bike (while I was riding it) were from Ohio or some place
out of town.  I KNEW the kids that stole my bike.  Indeed, they were from my
neighborhood.  While I was growing up, Whites were boarding up their houses and
giving them away for a song.  Curiously (for some such as JOE who obviously
lives in an all-white neighborhood -- sarcastically) when my folks finally
retired and sold, they realized the largest profit from their house (compared
to what the stereotypical White realized) at that time a 99 percent Black
neighborhood.  I don't know, maybe LONG-TERM thinking is in the genes, which,
perhaps is why I can relate to forestry.

Anyway, please allow me to speak from experience.  None of the revengefull
outrages of Blacks upon ME because of the color of MY skin has contributed
anywhere near to feelings of resentment than has our Federal Government's
Affirmative Action Legislation (again, perhaps a well-intentioned program).

Additionally, it is an insult to Blacks who deserve credit based on their OWN
merits without worrying about a #*^&*^%*&^!* such as JOE who may think that the
"only reason they got the job, or whatever" is because of "the program".  He
has already indicated to some of our women friends that affirmative action may
be the ONLY reason why they have landed their jobs.

JOE, GET A CLUE!  All anybody needs is an equal opportunity (if discrimination
exists, enforce the law!).  Of course, people with connections have a better
chance than those without, regardless of gender or race.  That is life; but
please don't deny the thousands upon thousand of rags-to-riches examples that
exist in America (many of which consist of immigrants with no "connections"!). 
Indeed that is what America (the U.S.) is all about -- the opportunity to make
it, or not.

ALL should have a chance to "pursue happiness".  ALL (or anybody) should NOT be
"guaranteed" happiness as you would like <some> to have.

Joe, I hereby challenge you.  Perhaps you should officially run for some
political office in Massa2shits.  You have enough "feel good" blood in your
veins to get the "clouded vision" vote; i.e. the majority.  Maybe your vacancy
in forestry will allow some "genetically inferior" person to get a well
deserved position.

Man, sometimes you piss me off!


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