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Tue Mar 10 18:41:04 EST 1998

As the registered owner of a managed forest, and as one who derived a
living from the 'bush', my personal feeling is that forestry as a career
faces an uncertain future unless all of us personaly involved can work
toward developing policies for growth and sustainable yeilds. I have not
seen any real will for such an ideal anywhere in the United States or
Canada in the past 30 and more years. 

Short sighted management attitudes have resulted in over cutting throughout
the continent. Sadly, this lack of vision continues year after year. 

If it is the intent of the moderator to promote a viable future for timber
mangement within North America, then I for one would be happy to join.

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> Hey, 25 to 50 hits a day on agroforestry, 5 to 10 alt.forestry.  some of
> it off topic, but damn, guys and girls, I am impressed. 
> Keep it up, we are growing, what we need is some sort of physical
> example of our presence.  How about supporting as an "international
> group" some of the proposed state licensing, or opposition if thats the
> feeling?
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