Need info about soil roof on a log house.

Arne Carlsten agc at
Tue Mar 10 15:40:00 EST 1998

cyli at wrote:
: There is a newsgroup (or more) on rural life.  A search engine should
: find them for you.

: But, first, why, if you've got lots of wood, do you want a soddy style
: roof?  Soddies were for plains dwellers, who didn't have the wood for
: 'proper' walls or roofs and therefore often dug into the side of a
: hill, used rock where they could for walls, and covered it all with
: sod.  If you've got plenty of wood, you should be able to make a deal
: with a nearby lumber mill to rip you planks and take some wood in
: trade and then you could hand split shingles.

: Try a library for old issues of the Mother Earth News. I'll bet
: they've covered thus subject zillions of times.

Fire protection would strike me as a very good reason to avoid split

It's pretty difficult to get a log wall to burn, unless you've neglected
to clear light fuels from around the base of the wall.  But it's pretty
easy to set a wood shingled roof on fire, and that will take the rest of
the house with it.

Adequately waterproofing the roof would be a concern though...

Arne Gustav Carlsten
Flagstaff, Arizona

Chomh da/na le muc...

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