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LRLake lrlake at
Tue Mar 10 12:12:42 EST 1998

>  But, do they have to be consultants, which is what Joe is saying?  Licensed
>foresters also procure timber in California, I presume.

Anyone "practicing forestry" or calling themselves a forester must be licensed
except on Federal land or on ones own land.  
Procurement, per se, is not considered practicing forestry unless the
procurement forester is making representations requiring significant forestry
knowledge and interpretation.  So it is possible for and unlicensed person to
be a mill procurement forester without being licensed but he cannot use the
term "forester".  There is a grey area regarding his relationship to his mill
employer, though.  He could not be a contractor.  As an employee, however, he
could chase sales for the mill.  The mill would be getting what they pay for. 
A consultant or Licensed forester would have to be hired for the Timber
Harvesting Plan.  Mills, therefore, tend to have licensed foresters on their
procurement staff or only buy sales which already have a permit.

Consultants tend to serve the needs of landowners without forestry staffs.  The
industrial owners have licensed foresters on staff.  The State Tree Cops must
also be licensed as their enforcement actions involve "practicing forestry". 
All loggers must be licensed too (Licensed Timber Operator); same exemptions
for Federal land and logging your own property.  LTO's must now show proof of
PL/PD insurance for license renewal.


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