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Susan112 susan112 at
Tue Mar 10 23:08:34 EST 1998

TREEFARMER at wrote:

>Susan, is a "service forester" the same as a "county extension forester"
>working through the university? BTW got to go to your "bear country" at
>Potosi tomorrow.

Nope, I work for the state conservation agency, not the university extension
program.  I don't know that there are any county extension agents who are
foresters here.  There's one for the whole state, but most county agents are in
different fields.

Potosi is an odd place..I've been to the YMCA camp there a couple times. 
You'll get to see a lot of post oaks down that way, probably not many bears
though, but who's to say, they've been seen in those parts.


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