Group Appreciation

Susan112 susan112 at
Tue Mar 10 21:09:15 EST 1998

Bob...thank you!  Just got back online and caught up with Joe's rant after a
few days absence. He was definitely putting words in my mouth that I didn't


I don't have a selfish attitude, I wish that forestry, any, state, industry or otherwise would be a part of every
management decision out there. 

I'm sorry that you don't have a job with benefits.  I don't see why you fault
me because I have job with benefits.  I'm a service forester with an
approximately 3 county area, not the state forester. A relative peon, a cog in
the works, but us cogs have voices too...and by the freaking way...I'm as close
to a yellow dog democrat as you'll find in these parts. ('cepting that some
wolves wear yellow dog clothes).  

I have a friend who is a consultant, and a leader in the consultant's assoc....
nearly every time I talk to him I ask him and encourage him about getting the
state to stop competing with consultant's, but they just aren't strong enough
yet, and I can't help that!.

Regardless of their capability, loggers are making silvical decisions every
single day and on more acres than you or I could affect in a lifetime.  To rule
them all out with a general sweep of the hand and be ashamed of us for trying
to reach out to them is flat stupid.  There aren't enough foresters to go
around out here, and until there are, we'll keep at the loggers for better
management practices.  Have you no sense of the interim to your goals?  This is
a step by step process.

I didn't offer you any excuses Joe, just reality as I see it.  


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