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> dianaros wrote:
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> > As the registered owner of a managed forest, and as one who derived a
> > living from the 'bush', my personal feeling is that forestry as a
> > faces an uncertain future unless all of us personaly involved can work
> > toward developing policies for growth and sustainable yeilds. I have
> > seen any real will for such an ideal anywhere in the United States or
> > Canada in the past 30 and more years.
> The career forester has a bright future, should society ever decide they
> want forests for the next mellinium.
> Don Staples
> My Ego Stroke:

Your last sentence may be quite prophetic!

Softwood clear cut now extends close to the sub arctic tree line in some
areas. Government sponsored manegment plans seem to ignore the concept of
renewal, at least that is my impression. 
I wish we could find a usefull balance between renewal and demand. Overall
resource growth may look good in a report, but feed stock availabilty is a
real headach in many segments of the industry.

In some areas in North America, the yeild from one tree is nothing more
than a 8x8 piece of material that is trimmed for use as 'ties'. If there is
a demand for the chip, there might be a bit more of the tree that is
consumed. All too often the remains end up as fill in the mill yard.
Certainly not an economical mehod of forest management.


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