Hurwitz and Liquidation Forestry

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Wed Mar 11 05:03:30 EST 1998

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>The problem with demonizing someone like Hurwitz is that there is a 
>little demon in all of us.  It's easy to write very bad laws for very
>good reasons.  It's also illegal to write a law against just one person,
>so anything you do to control Hurwitz also controls all other landowners.

Much has been made of this supposed demonizing of Charles Hurwitz.  I don't get
it.  I have never heard him referred to as the devil incarnate or even as a
malicious imp.  What i have seen are accounts of events undertaken by Mr.
Hurwitz.  It's up to each individual to view those actions thru the prism of
their own personal value system to decide what is right and what is wrong. 
Sure, we all have faults, but I don't call myself partly angelic, much less
partly demonic.  I don't know if I'm just being blind, but if you can cite
specific examples of Mr. Hurwitz being demonized, I'd be most interested.  

The possible legal precedent I fear coming out of Headwaters would be based
upon the price we are paying Charles Hurwitz.  Will the government now pay
based upon the potential market value of what is on the land?  That is a sharp
departure from government's normal practice.  Or is this just a one-time
situation for poor maligned Charlie? ;-)

>I think it's time to start marking leave trees, don't you?

Not in Headwaters Forest Complex - not yet!


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