Hurwitz, Pacific Lumber is cutting Headwaters

CamillaH camillah at
Wed Mar 11 04:39:19 EST 1998

On 3/8/98, Joseph Zorzin wrote:

>LUNDAHL WT wrote:
>> Corporations have made this country great.  Lets not forget that.
>You are one naive child.
>For all the good they've done, they done just as much evil. In the
>nineteenth century, in order to stop unionization, they beat up and
>murdered people.
>Lumber companies have raped and pillaged their way across North America.
>Auto companies have routinely produced vehicles they know are dangerous,
>like the Pinto.
>The big oil and steel companies were once monopolies and oligopolies
>that pillaged their customers.
>It isn't corporations that make the country great, it's the "common man"
>who does his work in an honest and decent way. It's all the low paid
>teachers who work under miserable conditions with children that get
>crazier in each generation because of the breakdown in our society due
>to the way the corporations have pillaged the working class while
>shipping their jobs overseas.
>I could go on all day, but it would get boring. <G>

Great post!


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