Need info about soil roof on a log house.

Roy "wyomtnman" at prodigy\
Tue Mar 10 23:59:14 EST 1998

Gaetan Mailloux wrote:

> I would need info about soil roof on a log house.
> What diameter of pine or spruce log I would need for that kind of roof ?
> It's a roof of 15 feet large using 15 feet log, and 40 feet long, for a
> log home, if I use the complete log (not split) stack side by side all the
> 40 feet long, without space between them, and I would put thick
> waterproofing and one feet of soil on that log roof.


I remember the old buildings on our ranch in Wyoming with the soil covered
roofs, really brings back some great memories.  The buildings were built in
the 1890's, and were still standing (with sod roof) as of last year!  The
cabins were about 20' x '40, a ridge pole of pine approx. 14" diameter, and
the rafter poles were 2" - 3".  An alternate roof setup was 2" slabs.  Both
types of rafter poles were 2 layers thick.  (I would use the plank set-up,
with tar paper between the layers, and possibly on top of the planks).  The
soil was about 8" deep on the roof, planted in cheat grass and other grasses.

The cabin walls were log as well, about "10 in diameter, and the floor was
dirt.  Again, this was in Wyoming where the winter temperatures got to -35
degrees Fahrenheit, yet the inside of this unheated log building stayed above
freezing.  It was heated by about 30 chickens (a chicken coop when I was a
kid), no problems and no other heat source.  Cool in the summer, dry in all

Good luck with your cabin, I really envy your opportunity to enjoy such a
structure and location.  Simple construction, do-it-yourself and almost a
quick 1 person project.

Roy S.

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