weed control

TREEFARMER at webtv.net TREEFARMER at webtv.net
Wed Mar 11 18:55:52 EST 1998

MMEMU, alfalfa, clover, lespedeza are all going to require full sunlight
as most ag crops do. As far as Black Locust under hardwoods is
concerned, probably not unless there's about a
100' diameter hole in the forest canopy directly above your planting
spot. The state forester and I did an experiment in which we cut out a
100' area in the midst of a locust grove to see about resprouting from
stumps, roots, and girdled trees. Most regrew well and today one can
barely tell where we cut 13 years ago.  We've planted plots on 10x10 and
10x20 and had very little sprouting between the rows.

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