Proposed Charter

Don Staples dstaples at
Thu Mar 12 16:52:33 EST 1998

Gerry Lawson wrote:
> Don that looks fine by me, and is much lighter than my version,  but
> you'll should lay it out like the other group charters.  I'd be
> grateful also for a plug for the other two agroforestry mail-lists,
> i.e.

Since this is the first one of these that I have been involved with, I
started by crawling.  I would be very appreciative of any suggestions
you have as to hardening the charter.  Format looks fine, plug for the
other two agro sites was not an oversight on my part, wasn't sure how
much plugging can be done.  The Missouri site is my old college, so I am
very familiar with it.

As a parting gesture, from discussion leader to discussion leader,
commandant handing down the riding crop and all that, your suggestions
are welcome and solicited.

Once finalized I will publish here again, for sharp shooters, and submit
to the bionet main frame, stick around for that, I'm not used to talking
to God.

Don Staples
UIN 4653335

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