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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu Mar 12 09:42:33 EST 1998

Susan112 wrote:
> Don, that announcement is odd.. I thought WHIP applied to uplands too, does
> here anyways...and I also thought 75% was the standard for cost share on SIP..
> Reminds me of state level application of CRP..back a few years ago we were
> trying to get native pecan back on good pecan ground but they wouldn't let us
> do it until we pointed out that other states were allowing it, had been
> allowing it for years..
> Susan

Which is why I posted the notices.  These are still feel good programs,
that while they help some individuals, are so limited as to be
ineffectual to the environment in general.  Actually, has little to do
with the environment, in my opinion, but more to do with the burros
(here used in Joes context, not yours) feeling good over an
administrative grant, which is more what it is in Texas.
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